Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) is shocked when she receives news she has miscarried her baby during an ultrasound appointment. In true Miranda form, she tries not to make a big emotional deal of it and immediately goes back to work to focus on something else.

Amelia (Caterina Scorsone), on the other hand, has been an emotional wreck trying to figure out what the best life for her baby and herself could be. Unfortunately, things get even messier when she finds out that she has actually been 24 weeks pregnant, not 20 weeks. This leaves the audience wondering who in fact is the father to Amelia’s baby… Link or Owen (Kevin McKidd)?

Furthermore, not only is Maggie (Kelly McCreary) faced with the trauma for losing her cousin, but now must face the possibility of losing her job. Owen was dealt the responsibility of firing Maggie, which he found difficult. To make matters more awkward, Teddy (played by Kim Raver), his ex-lover wants the job that Maggie is about to lose. This leaves Owen with much confrontation from Teddy… not only about assigning her as the head of the cardiology department, but about proposing to her since they now have a kid together.

Owen’s reluctance to marrying Teddy, of course, has to do with his love for Amelia. Things continue to get more complicated though, as everyone knows Amelia too is about to have a baby by a “to be determined” man.


Ultimately, Teddy may not be getting her way in her love triangle with Owen and Amelia, but she does get her way professionally when Maggie ends up feeling emotionally defeated by all the deaths she has caused at Grey Sloan and decides to quit, of course, allowing Teddy to replace her as head of Cardio.

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