Last night’s episode of Season 16 of Grey’s Anatomy is leaving viewers afraid their favorite character won’t be making it back into the OR anytime soon. Although Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) is seen at Grey Sloan Memorial, the reasons for her arrival have nothing to do with her career, and everything to do with her sick daughter, Zola.

When Zola starts showing signs of being ill, throwing up and headaches, Meredith takes her to the hospital to get a CT scan. Turns out, the shunt that Derek Shepard put in her brain seasons ago, has outgrown Zola, and she needs a new one. This news causes chaos among the characters. Amelia wants to be the one to operate but isn’t able to due to her relationship with the patient.


While all the drama with Zola’s surgery is going down, Meredith is expected in court. Although she’s hopeful her lawyer will be able to communicate her absence with the judge, DeLuca argues that Meredith should leave Zola with him and go to her court obligation. Meredith, unhappy with DeLuca chiming in, dismisses his concerns and essentially tells him to mind his own.

However, it seemed DeLuca’s hesitations about Meredith missing her court appearance held their own because the episode finished with Meredith facing jail time. Meredith’s lawyer shows up with the bad news after arranging a deal with her lawyer. Meredith would have to make up the hours she’d been missing in court, in jail. The lawyer convinces the judge to give Meredith a break, considering the situation, and apparently the consequences could have been much more severe.

The next episode airs on Halloween at 8 pm ET on ABC. The episode is set to show Meredith starting her time in jail.

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