Maggie (Kelly McCreary) spontaneously meets her cousin, Sabrina (Crystal McCreary) when she arrives at the hospital with an important case. Sabrina is the daughter of Richard’s (James Pickens Jr.) brother Chris. While Richard and Chris do not get along, Maggie and Sabrina hit it off instantly.

Unfortunately, the reason why Sabrina is at the hospital is because she is suffering from a heart tumor. This is the biggest tumor that Maggie has ever seen, but she demands that she operate on it since she is Seattle Grace’s top cardiovascular surgeon. After much fighting and reluctance from dad Richard and uncle Chris, Maggie eventually gets the go ahead to operate on her cousin.

After an intense surgery and unfortunate circumstances, Maggie is left with no options and must call her cousin’s time of death.


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While Maggie and her family are dealing with their loss, Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) and Owen (Kevin McKidd) are dealing with adding a new member to the family. While Owen is not the father of Amelia’s baby, he would very much like to be in Amelia’s and the baby’s life.

Things get a little complicated for the two when they are confronted with a hospital patient who is pregnant and wants to terminate her pregnancy. Of course, this brings back Amelia and Owen’s earlier fights about abortion and raising a family. Like the patient, Amelia has never wanted children until now, so she understands the patient’s wishes to abort. However, while Amelia defends the patient’s right to choose whatever she wants for her body and gives her two pills for termination, Owen has different ideas about abortion and does not see eye to eye with Amelia.


Owen also belligerently reminds Amelia that she never wanted a baby when they were previously married (before Amelia got pregnant with Lincoln). It was Amelia’s not wanting to have a baby that had actually split the two up, so Owen is, of course, confused why she wants to have a baby now. In a heated conversation at the end of the episode, Amelia and Owen talk it out and Amelia admits that it was Owen’s relationship with his son Leo that changed her mind about parenting. She had to watch Owen fight to keep custody of Leo and realized just how much she wants to be a mother. Owen in turn realizes just how much he wants to be with Amelia and raise a family with her regardless of their messy, complicated lives.

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