Grey’s Anatomy’s mid-season finale opened with Christina (Sandra Oh) sitting at a press conference table, sandwiched between her ex-husband Chief Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) and her casual sex partner Shane (Gaius Charles). Everyone wants to know about the miraculous heart surgery that saved baby Nathan. When Cristina humbly and cautiously says everything is looking pretty good for now, Shane leans into the mic and shouts “Dr. Yang hit a home run!” Thus begins, “Get Up, Stand Up.”

Grey's Anatomy Recap

After the press conference Yang reprimands Shane for acting like he’s on speed and tells him he needs to calm down. Meanwhile, Owen takes to the hospital corridors to make sure that everyone invited to April’s (Sarah Drew) wedding shows up. Derek (Patrick Dempsey) and Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) are in. Leah (Tessa Ferrer) is more concerned about playing the woman scored, ranting and raving to Jo (Camilla Luddington) and Steph (Jerrika Hinton), who try to tell her she’s doing the crazy thing she normally does. Their warnings fall on deaf ears.

Meredith’s first trial on a sheep didn’t work out as planned, so she’s packing it up in a body bag and encouraging Stephanie that they’ll just have to go back to the drawing board and give it another go. While she’s working with the 3D printer, Cristina and a horde of press barge in for a photo op – beside Meredith’s beloved printer. Meredith is visibly piqued and Cristina is clearly uncomfortable, wanting the attention to go away as quickly as possibly. At this point, Meredith isn’t aware that Cristina’s discomfort with the attention also has something to do with the fact that she’s not even sure how her miracle surgery worked.

April, Jackson & Stephanie Love Triangle

April runs into Jackson (Jesse Williams) in the hallway with her hair set in rollers. She insists that he come to her wedding. Since he still finds it impossible to say “no” to his ex, he agrees. Jackson then heads off to talk to his patient with his current girlfriend Steph. They’re about to operate on a guy who has food stuck in his esophagus. Before they wheel him into surgery, he and his wife joke about him losing his vocal chords, so he needs to get everything off his chest now. He quips about her brother and an unflattering purple dress, before whispering something in her ear that Steph assumes was an “I love you.” Jackson says Mark Sloan once told him that if you love someone, you say it, no matter what.

After the surgery, the patient, Dalton, suffers a stroke that leaves him completely unresponsive. Karen sings their wedding song as Stephanie asks Jackson if it was something they did in the OR. He said it wasn’t; it was a complication that couldn’t be avoided. Steph then looks into Jackson’s eyes and quietly says “I love you.” Either not hearing or choosing not to hear, Jackson doesn't respond.

While Bailey (Chandra Wilson) informs a longtime patient of hers that after 312 surgeries he may not need any more, Leah appears disgruntled. She’s mad that since Bailey’s been off surgery, she hasn’t had any time in the OR – meaning both her love life and career are virtually stagnant. Bailey understands that Leah needs to cut to get better, and promises to let her perform the next surgery. In surgery, Bailey is Leah’s cheerleader, which Leah takes as a rallying call to do something about Arizona (Jessica Capshaw). After surgery she tells her fellow interns she’s going to the wedding with the intention of winning Arizona back from Callie (Sara Ramirez). In the middle of her latest outburst, she realizes she sounds nuts and opts to stay on-call.

Derek made the decision to pull back on his surgeries and projects in order for Meredith to really dedicate herself to her career. The sensors he and Callie developed, however, are catching the attention of the medical world, with deals cropping up left and right. When the Kleiss Company proposes an offer few would refuse, he walks away – after telling him they basically have no idea what they’re talking about.

Alex Gets Closure With Dad Jimmy

The drama between Alex (Justin Chambers) and his dad Jimmy (James Remar) continues to unfold. When Alex pays him a visit in his hospital bed, he asks how he could have left him, his sisters and his mother. Jimmy admits it was all too hard for him, especially having to care for is mentally ill wife. He also states that his drug problem only got worse as the years went on, and claims he did the best he could. As expected, Alex loses it on his father, shouting, “I was the dad!” and calling him worthless.

After performing a surgery on a kid whose dad accidentally paralyzed him while trying to save him, Alex returns to his dad’s room. He’s done being angry. He thanks his dad for leaving, admitting that if he’d stuck around, he probably wouldn’t be where he is today – neither would his sisters and mother. Alex tells Jimmy that maybe he can fix it with his other family, offers him a perfunctory handshake and bids him goodbye.

Jimmy’s health begins to take a turn for the worse after Alex leaves and he suffers a heart attack. At this point, none of the attendings are present, so Shane takes it upon himself to take Alex’s dad into surgery. The nurses are advising against it; Leah is telling him to call someone. Things don’t go as Shane planned, and Jimmy’s ventricle wall begins to tear. He shouts he can fix it, but Leah’s not so sure so she pulls Richard (James Pickens Jr.) in the OR. As Richard tries to calmly get Shane to step away from the table, Shane is suffering flashbacks of Heather Brook’s death, talking nonsensically about how it was all his fault.

While getting fitted for bridesmaids’ dresses for April’s wedding, since the bride fired her sisters, Meredith and Cristina have the same argument they’ve been having for weeks. Meredith thinks that Cristina is heartless, motivated solely by ambition and was entirely out of line and wrong to tell her she was only an average doctor. On the other side, Cristina thinks Meredith judges her for not having a family – and won’t admit to herself that being a mother has hurt her career.

April's Wedding

Later, while April is getting primped for her wedding, Cristina arrives to get into her dress, and to continue her chat with Mer. She’s mad that Meredith doesn’t think that she’s grown since her intern year as a person. She says she’s doing everything alone, which is just as much of a struggle as trying to do it with a family. Meredith then concedes that she’s jealous of Cristina’s freedom to pursue her career. Things appear to be smoothing over between the friends who call themselves each other’s “person.”

Also taking away from April’s moment in the spotlight is Arizona, who can’t seem to stop crying. She tells April, her new BFF, that she loves Callie but she’s not sure Callie can ever fully love the new her – the her without the leg. She feels like her wife is always trying to “fix” her, whereas Arizona finally is feeling whole again after the amputation.

Finally, the wedding commences. The bridesmaids walk down the aisle, making eyes at their significant others as they take the altar. April approaches Matthew and the priest begins the ceremony, as Derek fields a call from the President of the United States. When the priest asks if everyone agrees with the union that’s about to be made, Jackson stands out – at least to Stephanie – as the lone person who doesn’t make a sound. He then tells her he’s sorry and stands up. Everyone looks at him and he sits back down. A few seconds later he summons his courage, and stands back up.

"April, I love you," he says "I always have. I love everything about you. Even the things I don't like, I love. And I want you with me. I love you, and I think that you love me too…. Do you?"

Grey’s Anatomy will return after the break on Thursday, Feb. 27.

– Chelsea Regan

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