Grey’s Anatomy opened with Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) packing up a suitcase for a whirlwind trip to Boston to hopefully pick up her first Harper Avery Award. Though Owen (Kevin McKidd) would have been more than happy to tag along, Cristina told him the plan was to get drunk off Tequila at Joe’s with Meredith (Ellen Pompeo), write the speech, fly out to accept the award and come right back.

Grey's Anatomy Recap

At the hospital, everyone seems to be stuck on surgeries and destined to pull an all-nighter. Alex (Justin Chambers), who's also testing out working at the private practice, and Jo (Camilla Luddington) are covering for Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) who has a date night with Callie (Sara Ramirez) . Meredith, meanwhile, gets roped into baby-sitting a patient by Richard (James Pickens Jr.). When Meredith has Derek (Patrick Dempsey) paged to pick up the kids, it’s revealed that of all people who need sleep, Derek probably needs it the most.

The all-star neurosurgeon is attempting to juggle surgery, his research with Callie, his work with the White House, lecturing the younger doctors and also parenthood. Hunt, as chief of surgery, needs more from Derek and tells him he better get back into an OR and teach the residents. When Meredith finds out – hours later – that he’d pawned their kids off on Callie and Arizona, he gets an earful from her as well.

Grey Sloan Memorial All-Nighters

For his all-nighter, Derek decides to reschedule one of his surgeries for 1:30 am, and recruits all the second-year residents to assist him, thereby killing two birds with one stone. Ben (Jason George), affectionately dubbed “gramps” by the younger doctors, was already running on fumes and didn’t actually make it into the OR. Leah (Tessa Ferrer) did, however, and almost ended up severely impairing the patient. Thankfully, Derek was able to fix her mistake.


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Since Alex and Meredith were tied up at the hospital, Cristina was short a drinking buddy and wasn’t about to bring April along, so she ended up sticking around. When she hears the parents of the three kids with heart problems start to argue the hospital room, she intervenes and sends them both out of the room to relax. With the kids at her disposal, she recruits them to help her craft an acceptance speech, with the young boy dubs “braggy.” While she’s looking after them, the eldest daughter shows signs of rejecting her heart and they find that the others are rejecting theirs as well.

Having a better night in the hospital, though she very well could have been home in bed, was Bailey (Chandra Wilson). She’d figured out a way to deconstruct the HIV virus in such a way that she could piggyback it with an enzyme, inject it into “bubbleboy” Braden’s system, and give him a better immune system.

Callie & Arizona Make Baby Plans, April & Jackson Fight

Also having a good night were Callie and Arizona, despite the fact that they had to cancel their date to babysit the Grey-Shepherd kids. After realizing that Arizona might want to carry their second child, Callie decides that they should flip for it. Right after Callie flips the coin, Arizona realizes that while she wants another kid, she doesn’t want to have it and asks Callie if she’d be willing to do it again. So, it’s settled that Callie will be the one to get pregnant.

Newlyweds April (Sarah Drew) and Jackson (Jesse Williams) had a less uplifting time at home together. Their fight starts off being about a deaf patient they had earlier in the day. April agreed with the mother’s decision not to have her daughter get a cochlear implant, which Jackson personally thinks is ridiculous. Then the fight slides into being about their completely fictional deaf child. And then, April questions Jackson’s feelings about her faith. Frustrated by the trajectory of the conversation, he admits he thinks it’s as made up as their fake child. It’s later revealed that she pities him for his lack of faith.

Harper Avery

When the morning comes, Cristina hops into a cab and is off to the airport. Once she gets to the Harper Avery Award ceremony, she begins to realize that she wished she had both Owen and Meredith at her side – Owen to have holding her purse and Meredith to get drunk with in celebration. Fortunately for her, both Owen and Meredith had made the trip. However, she need not have worried about crafting an acceptance speech, as the Harper Avery goes to a doctor from John’s Hopkins.

Greys Anatomy airs Thursdays on ABC at 9/8c.

– Chelsea Regan

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