Grey’s Anatomy was all about the Harper Avery this week, beginning with Cristina (Sandra Oh) anxiously waiting for a call to find out if she got a nomination for the prestigious medical award, surrounded by Meredith (Ellen Pompeo), Alex (Justin Chambers) and Jo (Camilla Luddington). While they’re all happy for her, there’s also some jealousy going around.

Grey's Anatomy Recap

In order to mask her jealousy, Meredith throws Christina a champagne toast in the middle of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Shane (Gaius Charles), who seems to feel like he earned the nomination just as much as Christina, is walking around the hospital with even more confidence than usual. Tired of his gloating, Leah (Tessa Ferrer) and Jo (Jerrika Hinton) try to convince Steph to use her swap monkey privileges.

Meanwhile, Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) are chatting upon arriving in the hospital about Callie’s research trial with Derek (Patrick Dempsey). Arizona puts it in Callie’s head that she too could win a Harper Avery, and now that Sophia is in school, she’ll have even more time to focus on it. Arizona also seems to hint that she doesn’t want to have any more kids, which looks like it could be the beginning of another mountain-sized hurdle in their relationship.

Callie, Arizona Want Another Baby

Later on, Derek is testing out a new piece of equipment that detects emotions. He tells Callie that based on what he’s seeing, she’s suffering from depression. She refuses to believe it and he helpfully suggests a few people she could talk to about it. Then, Meredith walks in with baby Bailey in tow, and her happy part of her brain flashes green. When she meets up with Arizona outside the hospital, she lets her wife know that she wants another kid. Thankfully, Arizona is completely in agreement – even if it’s for slightly morbid reasons.

Frankie, a patient who’s been making rounds with the doctors, visits the boy in the sealed off room from last week. She tells him to come visit her some time, which he does to his great danger. Thankfully, Alex manages to get ahold of him and sets him up with a remote control car that’ll send a video feed back to his iPad so he can take a look around without leaving. In the hallway, Alex tells Jo about his “ten-dollar solution” and reveals that he’s seriously considering taking the more lucrative job at the private practice.

Bailey (Chandra Wilson), the bubble boy’s doctor, is jealous of Cristina’s Harper Avery nod, mad at herself for not being able to come up with a solution for bubble boy and irritated that Meredith gets to do a kidney transplant with two HIV-positive men. In the end, she gets Meredith’s surgery and has a sudden breakthrough when it comes to the boy with no immune system.

Cristina's Harper Avery Nod Proves Useful

When Frankie’s brother’s health starts failing, she begins to lose her faith in the doctors. Thinking on her feet, Cristina decides that it might be worth the risk to use a non-FDA approved device that until now has only been used on sheep. Using the Harper Avery nomination card, Hunt (Kevin McKidd) manages to get her the go ahead from the FDA. It’s a good thing too, because it actually works. Cristina and Owen celebrate her success in the vent room and come to an agreement that she's the favorite to win the Harper Avery.

In order for Cristina to do the surgery, the device had to be flown in at the last minute – which was where Jackson’s (Jesse Williams) credit card came in. After a day in which he and April (Sarah Drew) squabbled over money, including his $4 lattes and her refusal to send her close out to get washed, he lets his new wife know that he put $25,000 on his credit card to get the device there on time.

– Chelsea Regan

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