Grey’s Anatomy started with a voice-over on Thursday that offered a bit of optimism for the drama-prone doctors of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

Grey's Anatomy Recap

“Throwing It All Away” began at Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona’s (Jessica Capshaw) new home, while the two of them were getting ready to go to work and drop Sophia off at daycare. In the midst of the hustle, Sophia accidentally spills some juice on Arizona’s artificial leg. When Callie comes in the room to ask Arizona where she should put her Wheelies, Arizona instructs her to ditch them.

Once at the hospital, Arizona’s day doesn’t look like it’s about to get any easier. First, she gets called a robot by a “little human” patient – which she handles deftly – and then she learns from Hunt (Kevin McKidd) that the infamous complaint came from Leah Murphy (Tessa Ferrer), and that she has to go have a chat with HR about their short-lived relationship.

Hunt, on a roll with the bad news, informs Alex (Justin Chambers) that his display in the boardroom the other day earned him a three-day suspension from surgery. Jo (Camilla Luddington), meanwhile, will be forced to keep her distance from her boyfriend in the hospital because of the new non-fraternization rule, and will have to take her leave of pediatrics for the time being.

While Owen is separating Jo and Alex, Richard (James Pickens Jr.) is trying to get erstwhile coworkers-with-benefits Cristina (Sandra Oh) and Shane (Gaius Charles) to partner back up in the OR. Richard, informing Cristina that he will always be the chief to her, tells her to get over the sex drama and be the mentor that Shane needs.

Stephanie Runs Into Arizona, Finds An Abandoned Baby

Outside, Jo runs into Stephanie (Jerrika Hinton), who’s still trying to figure out how to cope with Jackson running off with April during the wedding – while she was his date. Out of frustration, Stephanie kicks a cardboard box in front of her, which lets out a baby’s cry. The two residents retrieve the baby and rush it inside the hospital, where Arizona evaluates him and realizes he’s had heart surgery and likely needs another. As Arizona begins to walk down the hallway, Stephanie accidentally slams into her, sending her juice-stained prosthetic flying.

After breaking Arizona’s prosthetic, Stephanie finds herself in an elevator with Jackson (Jesse Williams), who tries unsuccessfully to talk to her about what happened. Elsewhere at Grey Sloan, Cristina and Owen are rehashing exactly what happened in the trailer the other night and what it meant. Cristina, for one, isn’t so sure that breaking up with Emma was the best thing for her ex to do.

Donning a new, more uncomfortable prosthetic, Arizona is back in action, consulting on a young patient of Callie’s who wants to have her legs cut off. The girl has had innumerable surgeries since birth to correct a condition that doesn’t seem to be getting any better. The pain is unbearable, causing her to want the double-amputation. While Callie enlisted Arizona to help convince the girl to let her operate and try once again to alleviate the pain, Arizona admits to the girl and her father that amputation might be the way to go.

Arizona Sways Callie On Double-Amputation

At first, Callie is incensed that Arizona could support a girl’s wish for amputation, especially when Callie has worked all of these years trying to fix her legs so that she could have full use of them. Arizona counters that the girl will always be in pain, always needing another surgery. Arizona admits to Callie she worries that she's hesitant to amputate because she still feels guilty about cutting off her leg – which she shouldn’t. It was the right call then; it’s the right call now. Surprisingly, Callie concedes the point.

Not yet done “bowling for doctors,” Stephanie slams a gurney into Jackson, though apparently not on purpose. She gets a first bump from Jo, and an appointment to fill out an accident report. Just before she completes it, in walks Jackson to complete his. Finally, he has his chance to try his best to apologize and explain that he didn’t see his running off with April coming any more than she did. Stephanie doesn’t really care about anything he has to say.

Though they found common ground about the surgery, Callie and Arizona are still plagued by the report filed by Murphy. Arizona’s trying not to make much of it, but Callie struggles to suppress her anger about the resident girlfriend her wife picked up during their separation. Callie becomes even more enraged when she realizes that the complaint was filed against her – not Arizona.

Meredith Helps Alex; Arizona & Callie Find Happiness

Also at odds in the hospital are Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Alex. Alex is bitter with everyone who is married and therefore able to stay open in his or her relationship, but particularly with Meredith, who got to step into his surgery. In an attempt to make it up with him, she got a “love contract” from HR. If he and Jo both sign it, nothing has to change. He’s afraid that all the drama is going to scare Jo away and she’ll run off like Izzy (Katherine Heigl). Meredith urges him to just sign it and be happy.

Back at home, things are tense between Callie and Arizona, with the former seeming poised to give it up altogether. Arizona beings to apologize about everything, but Callie doesn’t want to hear it. Then, Arizona starts to tell her wife that she’d been self-centered throughout her ordeal, feeling like she had to figure out who she was without her leg. She was once the doctor who woke up happy every day and wore wheelies in the hospital – and then being happy became almost impossibly hard. She’s found herself again, she tells Callie, and she knows that she can be happy without her leg, but she can’t be happy without her or Sophia. Callie spins on her heel out the door, leading Arizona to sob. But, a few seconds later, Callie returns with her wheelies and the two go outside to give them a spin.

Next week on Grey's Anatomy, Callie threatens to sue Derek Shepard (Patrick Dempsey) if he takes their research with him to the White House, leaving her hanging on their project.

– Chelsea Regan

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