Foiurteen seasons in, and Grey’s Anatomy is still ripping viewers’ hearts apart.

This is a show that has not been afraid to kill off its some of its beloved characters, and it was looking like Shonda Rhimes and company were about to claim their latest victim. Sarah Drew had already announced her upcoming exit from the show, and a promo (below) for the penultimate Season 14 episode, entitled “Cold as Ice,” hinted that her character April Kepner was not just leaving Grey-Sloan Memorial, but also leaving this earth.

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Here’s how it happened: it turns out that April has reunited with her ex-fiancé Matthew (Justin Bruening), which is revealed when the two are both brought into the hospital after he rolled his car. The doctors spend the episode attempting to revive her, and with some help from the power of prayer, she ultimately pulls through.

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“Cold as Ice” also provides details about what is happening with Arizona’s future, as Jessica Capshaw is also leaving the show. She tells Bailey (Chandra Wilson) that she is moving to New York to be closer to her mom, but a wrinkle is added in the form of Dr. Herman (Geena Davis), who wants to open with Arizona the Robbins-Herman Center, where they can teach new fetal doctors. And it looks like they are going to do it all in New York.

And for you Grey’s fans who still haven’t gotten over Sandra Oh’s departure, you should really be watching her Sunday nights on Killing Eve on BBC America.

Grey’s Anatomy‘s Season 14 finale airs this Thursday, May 17, at 8 PM EDT on ABC.

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