Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was recently rebooted for the big screen. However, while Power Rangers is still in theaters, the studio already knows the direction a sequel will go.


Haim Saban, head of the multimedia franchise, mentioned to Vanity how he has plans for six movies, although they’re dependent on how well the first does.

As Power Rangers was preparing to launch in theaters, the official Twitter account tweeted an eye-catching image:

Rita Repulsa, archenemy of the team, was the original Green Ranger in this new continuity. She held on to her Power Coin throughout the picture, using its energy to fuel her magic. Furthermore, without giving too much away, Power Rangers ended with a clear tease for the next installment: Tommy Oliver.

However, this may be a very different Tommy than fans remember, as the creative team behind the film are championing to make this new incarnation of the iconic character a woman. Dacre Montgomery, the actor who portrayed Jason, the Red Ranger, informed The Hollywood Reporter how the crew “is campaigning for Oliver to be female.”

While this change may surprise longtime fans, the new film has already race-swapped two of the original characters. Additionally, two of the Rangers diverged from their 90s counterparts in interesting ways, which their respective actors discussed with uInterview.

Jason David Frank, who’s played Tommy throughout the television show’s tenure, has expressed confidence in Saban’s judgement. Frank also had a brief cameo in the film alongside fellow alumni Amy Jo Johnson.


To those who grew up in the 90s, Tommy Oliver likely doesn’t need an introduction. The character debuted in the five-episode “Green with Evil” arc, where he unwittingly served the villainous Rita. The greenhorn joined the other Rangers upon being freed from Rita’s mind control, becoming an instant fan-favorite.

The Green Ranger’s powers were eventually lost, as the stock footage of his Super Sentai counterpart, Burai, was depleted. However, Tommy remained popular enough to be rewritten as the White Ranger. Furthermore, Tommy served as Red and Black Rangers in subsequent teams. Most recently, he appeared in the anniversary team-up episode, “Legendary Battle,” in his White and Green suits.

Tommy is, in-universe, regarded as the best Power Ranger. Therefore, his (or her) presence in the next film will likely prove to be a big draw for established fans and newcomers alike.

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