Eighteen-year-old Sage (Julia Garner) needs a large amount of cash in so little time to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. In the process, she manages to grow closer with her grandmother.

Grandma is separated into six different chapters as if you were reading a book. Grandma Elle (Lily Tomlin) is a writer learning how to deal with the recent death of her long-term partner while starting a new relationship. Sage comes to her grandmother to ask for this money and finds out she has none.

The film shares the adventure of grandmother and granddaughter who try everything they can to get the money in hand. Each stop along the road they find new characters from her grandma’s past.

Sage goes to her grandma first to avoid speaking with her mother. In the end, the mother is the one with the money who has to get involved as their last resort.

Sage introduces Elle to the baby’s father, Cam (Nat Wolff). At his house, Elle beats him with a hockey stick after he gives her an attitude. Elle doesn’t put up with anything. We see this throughout the film with her hard-headed and sassy personality. Sage doesn’t let her Grandma yell at her, she fights back with her own feisty personality.

Although Grandma discusses a serious topic, it has you laughing in many scenes thanks to Tomlin and the character of Elle.

Sage tells her grandmother she has anger problems in which Elle responds, “no I have an asshole problem.”

DVD Extras: “A Family Portrait: Making Grandma” is the blu-ray exclusive that shows the cohesiveness of the cast. Lily Tomlin, Sam Elliot, Julia Garner and Director Paul Weitz talk about the early beginnings of the making of the film and their appreciation of it. Other special features include commentary with cast along with a Q&A.

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