Even if he recently was dragged off stage after a five-hour show with his African-inspired music side-project Africa Express at Denmark’s Roskilde Festival, Damon Albarn hasn’t yet decided to calm things down. Quite the opposite, he decided to reunite Gorillaz in order to record new material in September, he told Australia’s ABC 7:30 in a recent interview.

“I’m starting recording in September for a new Gorillaz record,” he said. “I’ve just been really, really busy so I haven’t had a chance. I’d love to just get back in to that routine of being at home and coming to the studio five days a week.” The virtual, cartoon-esque band hasn’t released anything for five years, since their 2011 album The Fall.

Albarn is definitely on a musical spree since he recently reunited Blur to release the album The Magic Whip and tour around the world. If the recording sessions last as long as the Blur ones did, we might get that new Gorillaz album in our hands very soon. “It was very easy because we did it over a period of five days in Hong Kong,” Albarn told ABC. “We didn’t tell anyone, didn’t have any sort of agenda really, we just jammed.”

English comic book artist Jamie Hewlett unveiled last January new Gorillaz’ artwork on his Instagram profile. He even answered a fan: “Yes, Gorillaz Returns.”

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