Chef and TV personality Gordon Ramsay has a long history of vitriolic tirades aimed at chefs attempting to impress him. Often these rants are swear-filled and insulting and leave Ramsay foaming at the mouth. But last week in a clip from Ramsay’s show Hotel Hell, the short-tempered chef was only confused and at a loss for words when one chef couldn’t even boil an egg.

The clip begins with Ramsay getting an order of a shrimp cocktail while at a small inn. The cocktail is brought to his table, pale and sitting in a pool of its own “condensation.” After taking a bite and being told that the seafood was frozen, Ramsay sends it back.

Next, Ramsay gets a pecan-crusted salmon, made specifically for him by the chef. After being told that the salmon too was frozen, Ramsay sends the dish back.

“That has to be the saddest looking salmon anywhere in North America tonight,” a disappointed Ramsay says to the camera.

Back in the kitchen, the inn’s chef has some choice words for the Hell’s Kitchen host.

“I’m going to kill him,” the chef mumbles. He later tells the camera, “I just want Gordon to take a long walk off a short pier. I want him to fall into a very deep pit so he can’t get out.”

Disappointed by all the other dishes, Ramsay asks the waitress if the chef can make a soft-boiled egg. She says, “sure thing,” although when she relays the message, the inn chef seems confused by the request.

The egg is brought to Ramsay and is expectedly undercooked and raw. Ramsay bangs his head against the table, much to the amusement of the other diners. “F–ing thing’s still got feathers on it,” Ramsay quips.

Making his way into the kitchen, Ramsay has “fighting words” for the inn chef, who is proud and defiant while wearing a tall chef’s hat and jacket.

“You’re a f–ing joke,” Ramsay tells the chef.

Later the chef tells the camera that saying that was a “gutsy thing to do especially in a kitchen full of sharp knives.”

Watch the whole clip below and catch Hotel Hell Monday nights at 8 p.m. EST on FOX.

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