Google is always eager to enhance the lives of its audience, from their iconic search engine to the many devices it creates. You may use Google’s smartphones or routers, but their latest laptop, the Google Pixebook, is improving upon their Chromebook series in exciting ways.


Google’s newest machine was highlighted at an event on October 4, and it’s the next step in meeting Google’s ultimate goal: a unified ecosystem across all of their hardware. Matt Vokoun, one of Google’s project managers, explained this mission in an interview with Wired after the event. According to Vokoun, his company is working toward “a world where you switch gadgets because sometimes you want a pocket-sized, handheld device, and other times you want something with a keyboard and trackpad,” not a world where you switch gadgets out of necessity due to apps being inoperable on one device.

As such, the Google Play store and the variety of apps it offers are wholly supported by the Pixelbook. Google adds that all new apps are being developed with the Pixelbook’s larger screen in mind, imploring users to check back later for them. Another versatile service, Google Assistant, will also grace Google’s newest machine, making it the first laptop to offer it.

As for the Pixelbook’s physical build, it holds the distinction of being Google’s thinnest laptop yet. Chrome OS powers the machine, and it supplies a 12.3-inch high-resolution touchscreen and 360-degree hinges. Furthermore, the Pixelbook’s battery can last up to ten hours.

Google’s Pixelbook will be sold at three different configurations, the cheapest of which being $999.00. This model comes with an Intel Core i5, 8GB of RAM and an 128GB SSD. Spending an extra $200 or $650 will respectively augment your laptop with a 256GB or 512GB SDD. The premium option also includes Intel’s Core i7 and it doubles the internal RAM.

The Google Pixelbook will be obtainable from Google’s own store chain and retailers such as Best Buy, and it’s currently available for pre-ordering. According to Google, your order will ship in three to four weeks.

Google Pixelbook Pen

Moreover, the Pixelbook Pen, which was designed around its namesake laptop, will be purchasable for $99. (Image: Google)

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