Google’s Chromecast, priced at $35, promises to let its users easily stream Interet video on their TV sets through a two-inch long device plugged into the TV’s HDMI port.

Chromecast, once connected to a WIFI network, can play videos and music available on a computer, tablet or phone on the big screen. Support for Chromecast will be built into its phone and tablet apps, meaning YouTube will have a Chromecast button that will send the video directly to the TV screen. Furthermore, Chrome browser tabs can also be sent to the big screen with a click of a button.

An added bonus of Chromecast is that it won’t make a phone, tablet or laptop obsolete while content is streamed from it. Calls can still be made, games can still be played and emails can still be read while steaming music or videos on the TV screen with Chromecast.

Its $35 price tag makes it less expensive than both the Apple TV ($99) and Roku ($50). Chromecast, like the other devices, is compatible with popular services such as Netflix, YouTube and Pandora and has plans to add more in the future.

Chromecast is currently available for presale from the Google Play Store, and It will ship Aug. 7.

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