Google’s Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones wasn’t all they showcased at the company’s recent press presentation. One of their other upcoming devices is the Google Home Mini, which recently launched


Google’s Home Mini was made to fit snugly in any room, owing to its compact design. Its round and small — Google directly compared its stature to a donut — though it’s still a powerful device that will help your household. Its fabric will allow light and sound through yet is durable enough to keep the device safe and emit 360-degree aural ambient sound. And, when you need to activate Google Assistant, the Mini’s far-field microphones will allow it hear your commands even among rowdy background noises.

As with its siblings, the Home Mini’s claim to fame is Google Assistant. An LED light will flash when your Home Mini is listening to you, and you can teach it to remember the voices of six different people in total. Moreover, soon your Assistant will allow you to control multiple Home units simultaneously. Google gives an example of a goodnight command, which will then prompt your Google Home machines to “turn off your lights, turn down the temperature, and let you know tomorrow’s first meeting.” Another helpful use would be using your devices to broadcast a message across your house.

Google wants the Home Mini to improve your family experiences, so it will offer kids over 50 challenges to explore. You can bond over story time or you can let your children go on an adventure with Mickey Mouse. This will be covered by the Family Link accounts, wherein parents can create an account for children who are younger than 13-years-old.

You can introduce Google’s Home Mini to your household on October 19 for $49. You’ll be able to find them at several retailers, including the Google Store, Verizon, Best Buy and Walmart. Three hues – chalk, coral and charcoal – will be available.

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