Internet show and podcast Good Mythical Morning introduced the human sushi roll challenge earlier this week.


The hosts joked about the last similar challenge they made human nachos, before jumping into the sushi challenge. While host Link laid down on top of a large bed of seaweed, co-host Rhett, complete in a lab coat, gloves, and goggles, started pouring ingredients on his partner.

They started with sticky rice, followed by cucumber, avocado and imitation crab. “I personally like to massage my avocados, and avocados have pits, so I’m gonna massage some avocados into your pits,” Rhett says before shoving mushed avocado into his armpits. The imitation crab was placed over Link’s crotch for “crab crotch.”

Spicy mayonnaise was then added, along with wasabi – which Rhett called wasa-feet, as he smushed the substance between Link’s toes. Ginger and soy sauce were added last to Link’s hands and face, respectively.

Finally, Link was rolled and packed into a giant sushi roll. See the silly video below.

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