Lara Spencer, a co-host on ABC’s Good Morning America, expressed regret on Friday after mocking Prince George for taking ballet lessons as part of his requirements for the upcoming school year.

“My deepest apologizes for an insensitive comment I made during pop news on Thursday,” Spencer, 50, wrote on Friday in her Instagram story about her remarks concerning Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s 6-year-old son.

“From ballet, which I took as a kid, to anything in life you wish to explore, I fully believe we should all pursue our passion. Go climb your mountain ― and love every minute of it,” the anchor added.

Spencer made the joke about the young royal on Thursday’s episode of Good Morning America. After revealing Prince William said his son “loves ballet,” the co-host quipped, “I have news for you, Prince William: We’ll see how long that lasts.”

While Spencer’s co-hosts and the audience laughed at her remark, many social media users called the anchor out for what they perceived as “bullying” and perpetuating the stereotype that ballet is for girls and not boys.

“Thanks for shaming Prince George for his interest in ballet and perpetuating the toxic view that boys/men shouldn’t dance or be interested in the arts,” wrote one user. “You suck.”

“There’s nothing funny about a boy who dances,” another tweeted. “These athletes are strong and brave.”

Many users also pointed to studies that have revealed boys who dance ballet are often victims of verbal or physical harassment.

Prince George will also reportedly take courses in math, science, history, computer programming, religious studies and poetry.


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