The strange and slightly sickening talent competition revival, The Gong Show, aired its third episode last night on ABC and proved that America does not lack for odd talents. This week’s celebrity judges Anthony AndersonTracee Ellis-Ross, and Dana Carvey were treated to a host of wacky performances including a group of dancers dressed as cockroaches, a very flexible hip-hop dancer dressed like a tree and ballon/floss/razor eating clown.

Hosted by Tommy Maitland (Mike Myers), the third episode of The Gong Show got off to a sharp start when Razors the Clown, began his act. With face paint, large striped pants, and a wild beard, Razors stepped onto the stage holding a long ballon. Without much of an introduction he began to eat it whole. Shocked, Ellis-Ross looked for evidence that the act was all an illusion but Razors appeared to actually be shoving the ballon down his throat. Next, the clown downed three razor blades. Finally, he ate a piece of floss which he somehow tied through the razor blades and the ballon, which he pulled out together by the end of his act.

A few acts later, a man in a business suit took the stage with an ominous looking brief case. With the lights low, he slowly opened the case and reached inside for its contents. Pulling out a pig hat, the man put it on his head and trounced around the stage making pig noises. While none of the judges seem to be enjoying the act, Ellis-Ross took initiative, sprinted to the stage, and banged the gong, putting an end to the ‘Hog Wild’ performance.

One of the more puzzling performances came when a woman took the stage wearing a school uniform and a cat hat. With tiny cats pinned to her jacket, the woman began to rap about cats, from a cats perspective. Somehow, she got the audience to join her song about wanting “wet food, now, meow.” She was promptly gong-ed, ending her performance and eliminating her from contention for the final prize of $2,000.17.

The big winner of the night was an act called ‘Uprooted,’ in which a man danced his way out of a tree-stump, contorting his arms and legs to look like tree roots on the move. While most of the other acts appeared to be performances best suited for parties – albeit, strange parties – this final act appeared to be the result of years of dancing and practice. With high scores from all the judges, the act won the big prize of the night.

The Gong Show returns next week on Thursday at 10 p.m. EST on ABC.

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