The second trailer for David Fincher’s Gone Girl introduces more of the film’s cast while showing Ben Affleck’s character looking more and more guilty of taking part in his wife’s disappearance.

New 'Gone Girl' Trailer

Nick Dunne’s (Affleck) wife Amy Dunne (Rosamund Pike) mysteriously disappears from their suburban home in Gone Girl. As the investigation turns up new leads, Nick sets out on a media tour to help his image – a mission that could all be for naught.

In the latest trailer put out by New Regency Pictures, Nick’s innocence is called into question. Not only does the trailer show him lying about having a physical aletercation with his wife, but reveal journal entries that show that Amy feared that Nick would one day kill her.

Adding some mystery to the plot is Desi Collings (Neil Patrick Harris), a man Amy was once pictured with that Nick spots helping with the volunteer effort to find her. When Nick pays a visit to Desi’s home, he explains, “I just wanted to help,” foretelling a revelation about the true reason he’s there.

As the investigation is closing in on Nick as their prime suspect, he receives ample media training from Tanner Bolt (Tyler Perry). Tanner hopes that helping him perform well in interviews, like with TV’s Sharon Scheiber (Sela Ward), he can help Nick him avoid a death penalty down the road if it comes to that.

Dramatic thriller Gone Girl is slated to hit theaters Oct. 3.


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