At the Golden Globes, Al Roker was visibly flustered when he couldn’t name a single film directed by Mel Gibson when he interviewed the star on the red carpet.


“How has moviemaking changed from when you directed, uh you know, I’m just blanking on…” Roker said, unable to come up with Braveheart or Passion of the Christ, among many.

Gibson played the moment off well, finishing Roker’s sentence with, “Anything, whatever I directed,” with a smile on his face. He went on to just answer the question, no chip on his shoulder at all.

The internet, however, was not so nice to Roker. Many questioned why Roker was even working the red carpet, and joked about his “senior moment.”

Gibson was nominated for Best Direction for his new film Hacksaw Ridge, starring Andrew Garfield. For those wondering, Gibson had directed six movies previously, including 2006’s Apocalypto.

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