After making a drinking jokes about Mel Gibson a few shows back, Ricky Gervais was at it again on the Golden Globes 2016. Gervais introduced Gibson at the 73rd Golden Globes with a series of low blows about his drinking.

“Gibson has forgiven me, he’s acting like it didn’t even happen. That’s what drinking does,” Gervais joked. The host also went onto shots at Bill Cosby saying he “would rather have a drink with Gibson in his hotel room then Cosby.”

The two exchanged a hug before Gervais scooted off stage, carrying his beer glass with him and away from Gibson. “I love seeing Ricky every three years because it reminds me that I need my colonoscopy,” said Gibson.

The host reappeared on stage and the two were arm in arm as an Gervais asked Gibson “what the f–k” and the rest was bleeped.

The actor went on to introduce a clip from Mad Max: Fury Road. 

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