Glee changed up the scenery on Tuesday night, officially shifting the musical dramedy from Ohio’s McKinley High to New York City.

Glee Recap

Following a time-jump from the high school graduation to sometime the following winter, Sam (Chord Overstreet), Artie (Kevin McHale) and Blaine (Darren Criss) have all made their way to Manhattan, joining Rachel (Lea Michele) and Kurt (Chris Colfer). Rachel, who’s now gained considerable star power for her run in Funny Girl has been gifted the services of a town car to use at her leisure. Hopping into her new ride, Rachel makes her way downtown, singing what else but “Downtown.”

After rising up from the subway Rachel now gets to avoid, Kurt strolls through the West Village joining Rachel in the classic number. Blaine gets in on the “Downtown” singing when he meets Kurt for coffee. And, who’s in Washington Square Park to complete the ensemble number? Artie and Sam.

The next morning, Blaine is making breakfast for Kurt. Kurt begins to worry that they’re turning into a old married couple, as they’re doing everything together these days. Blaine is even walking him to class and work. In an attempt to quell Kurt’s fears, Blaine launches into “You Make Me Feel So Young.”

Artie & Sam Settle Into NYC

While Blaine is enrolled in NYADA, Sam is unemployed and Artie is enrolled in film school in Brooklyn and becoming a major fan of the subway system – until he gets his backpack with his laptop in it stolen form a guy on crutches. While Artie’s living situation isn’t addressed, Sam’s been crashing at the Bushwick loft since he hasn’t been able to land a modeling gig. At Kurt’s behest, Blaine tries to give Sam a bit of a push to get him on his feet and brings him to Times Square to sing American Author’s “Best Day of My Life.”

Later on, Blaine goes to meet up with Kurt at his mime class. He’s bursting at the seems to tell his boyfriend he’s managed to get into six of his eight classes. Kurt’s beginning to feel a bit suffocated. Blaine remains oblivious about how Kurt’s feeling about everything back at the apartment. When Kurt goes to meet with Elliot (Adam Lambert) for band practice, Kurt vents about Blaine smothering him now that they’re both in NYC. Elliot gives Kurt a bit of advice for letting Blaine know they need a little bit of space within their relationship before getting Kurt to join him in singing “Rockstar.”

Kurt Feels Smothered By Blaine

When Kurt gets back to the apartment, Blaine is laying out plans for a workspace, causing him to completely lose it. When it comes up that Kurt had been with Elliot, Blaine gets jealous about their relationship. Instead of continuing the conversation with Kurt, Blaine shoots over to Elliot’s to confront him. Elliot manages to calm Blaine down, and explains to him that he’s going to need to give Kurt some room in the hectic city. Kurt’s completely in love with him, but everyone needs some space.

Meanwhile, Rachel decides that she’s going to ditch the town car. It separates her too much from the lively world around her, consequently hurting her acting “craft.” She then invites Artie to meet her at the subway and reassures him that her Krav Maga training will help them fend off any muggers. The surprising new friends launch into Petula Clark’s “Don’t Sleep in the Subway.”

Mercedes Jones Arrives

When Blaine finally comes home to Kurt later in the day, they have a heart-to-heart about their relationship. They mutually agree that maybe it would be best if they lived apart for a while. They’re engaged and happy together, but they need some room to grow on their own. It’s decided that Blaine will move in with Sam, who landed his first modeling gig after getting a new haircut.

It looks like one more will be joining the New York City gang – Mercedes Jones (Amber Riley), who decided she needed a break from the West Coast. While Sam tries to win back Mercedes, Rachel sings “People” from Funny Girl before meeting up with the group for dinner and then walking the streets of the city.

– Chelsea Regan

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