For Glee’s 100th episode, Brian Murphy pulled out all the stops, reuniting the remaining McKinley High students, the NYC transplants and the other graduates who’ve scattered around the country – as well as some beloved guest stars.

Glee Recap

Back in the New Directions rehearsal room, students past and present get together to mourn the end of the glee club as they know it through song. They’re tasked with reinventing songs they’ve performed in the past. Before they get to their individual assignments, they do a rendition of "Raise Your Glass," led by Kristin Chenoweth back in her role of drunk Broadway star April Rhodes.

Upon leaving the choir room, Puck (Mark Salling) and Quinn (Dianna Agron) have an awkward interaction in the hallway. It looks like the two could be looking to start up their relationship again when in walks Quinn’s new boyfriend Biff Macintosh (Chace Crawford). The old money heir calls his mom “mother” and refers to Puck’s military uniform as “itchy.” Puck soon realizes that Biff knows nothing about him or his child with Quinn.

Meanwhile, another reunion of old flames is occurring in a classroom. Santana (Naya Rivera) walks in on Brittany (Heather Morris) working on a complicated math problem on the board. Apparently, the people at MIT think she’s their most brilliant mind and are constantly putting her to work, although there are some other things she’d rather be doing, including some things with Santana. Santana suggests they get the “unholy trinity” together, and they sing “Toxic”.

Rachel & Mercedes Feud

After the performance, Brittany rushes off to host “Fondue for Two” with guests Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) and Mercedes Jones (Amber Riley). The two are still feuding over who is the best singer and the New Direction’s most impressive success story. Brittany calls out Rachel for leaving NYC when she’s making her Broadway premiere soon, holding done a job at a diner and still a full time student. She then calls out Mercedes for hiding her dancing skills (referencing Riley’s DWTS win).

At Breadsticks, Quinn and Biff are enjoying a quiet dinner in which he observes that rich people are better looking than poor ones when he invites a bunch of other McKinley graduates over to the table. When Santana starts joking about Quinn’s pink hair year, Quinn sends Biff to the car and tells them too cool off talking about her past. Biff, as it turns out, doesn’t know about Beth, her tattoo or anything else.

Will (Matthew Morrison) has hope that the glee club could continue, as April Rhodes is paying for the auditorium that would serve as their rehearsal space. Sue is convinced that something fishy is afoot, which turns out to be true. The last sugar daddy April had was Bernie Madoff, so all her funds are frozen.

For the final “diva-off” Rachel and Mercedes and Kurt (Chris Colfer) sing “Defying Gravity.” Rachel and Mercedes want the group to vote on which of them is the best. Later on, the two campaign separately. Mercedes slams Broadway, while Rachel gets in some digs on pop music.

Santana Gets Brittany To Dance

Santana runs into Brittany afterwards in the courtyard, where she’s recruited students to participate in a human chess match that proceeds at her direction. She tells Santana that it’s her only bit of amusement now that it’s all math and no dance. Santana is still determined to change that, so she pulls her into a performance of “Valerie” for the glee club.

Then the glee alums move over to the auditorium, where Puck performs Avril Lavigne’s “Keep Holding On” for Quinn, who ends up in tears. Outside later, Puck walks into Quinn and Biff having a fight about her past. He’s disgusted by her tattoo and that she got pregnant in high school. Puck winds up tossing him into the dumpster.

Back in the choir room, Rachel and Mercedes decide that they don’t need the group to vote on who’s the biggest diva. After Santana issued a brutal takedown of Rachel, which included the admission they stuffed the ballot box to make her prom queen, Rachel and Mercedes bonded over people making them feel small. Shue likes seeing their reconciliation and informs them that the club's votes amounted to a tie.

Holly Holiday (Gwyneth Paltrow), sliding in on a butter red carpet, delivers a pithy monologue about the glee club guest list and offers a flashback of her dressed up as former U.S. President William Henry Harrison. She then bursts out into Pharrell William’s “Happy.”

Quinn & Puck Reunite

After the performance, both Quinn and Puck and Brittany and Santana revisit their old relationships. Puck implores Quinn to tell him they have a shot. He loves her and believes that they're each other’s soul mates. Santana backs away after Brittany kisses her. Although Brittany says she knows they belong together, Santana isn’t sure she can take the chance again after it took so long to get over her. Quinn ends up asking Puck to stay, but it remains to be seen what will happen with Brittany and Santana.

Back in the auditorium, Will is saying his goodbyes to the group as they look on at the plaque of Finn (Cory Monteith) that’s hanging up. He thanks them for “coming on the ride” and everyone embraces in a tearful group hug. Up in the rafters, a drunk Holly and April commit to bringing back the glee club.

– Chelsea Regan

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