Glee’s season finale picked up with Rachel still fulfilling her dream starring as Fanny Brice in Broadway’s Funny Girl but wanting TV gig, Blaine still trying to get Kurt a spot in his showcase and Mercedes and Sam preparing for their time apart when she goes on tour and his modeling career is taking off.

Glee Recap

In the Brooklyn loft, Sam (Chord Overstreet) and Mercedes (Amber Riley) are cuddling up on a couch talking about Sam's dream of being on the side of a bus, when Rachel (Lea Michele) barges in to chat about their Monday night dinner guest – screenwriter Mary Halleran. Mary, a prodigy of sorts, is coming to hang out to “understand her essence” in order to write a pilot based on her life. She wants Mary to get a good look at her close pals, who she thinks are integral to her story. When there’s a knock at the door, Rachel thinks it’s Mary, but it turns out to be Brittany (Heather Morris). She thought Santana (Naya Rivera) would be there, but since she had to lose her phone, she didn’t know her girlfriend is off shooting a yeast infection commercial in Iowa (aka Naya Rivera got written out of the episode).

Eventually Mary (Kristen Schaal) shows up and wants to get right down to work and gets comfortable on top of her child-size Garfield sleeping bag. She declines eating the dinner fare, claiming that Chinese food gives her the “Lady Di’s.” As she begins her process, she asks Rachel to rattle off some information about herself. She loves that Rachel has two gay dads, but is less curious about what they actually do for a living. As far as she’s concerned, they work for NASA.

Mercedes, who dismisses Rachel and Kurt’s (Chris Colfer) concerns about staying with Sam while she goes on tour, hits up a local mall to perform her original song “Shaking My Head” with Brittany S. Pierce serving as her star backup dancer. According to Mercedes, when her mall tour hits Reno, Santana will be joining them.

Blaine's Showcase Drama

Meanwhile, Blaine (Darres Criss) is practicing for his showcase when his benefactress June Dolloway (Shirley MacLaine) pops by for a visit. After telling her that he was pacing out the stage in case he wants to freestyle, he asks her one more time if Kurt can be in the showcase. He explains that he already accidentally told Kurt that he could join him onstage, but June is unmoved. Blaine either performs alone or lose the advantage of being her go-to singer. Singing out his feelings, Blaine hits the piano and performs John Legend’s “All of Me.” When Kurt walks in on him, Blaine blurts out that he was never going to be in the showcase. Hurt and mad that Blaine had been lying to him, Kurt storms out of the room.

During his audition for manscaping brand Treasure Trailz, Sam sports a 80s suit and finds himself surrounded by attractive female models gyrating all over him. Due to his sexual frustration from being in a relationship with the chaste Mercedes, photographer Charlie Darling thinks he’s exuding enough sex for the ad and hires him. After she leaves, Sam snaps a rubber band on his wrist to get his mind off sex and on his girlfriend.

Rachel's TV Pilot

When it’s finally time to take a look at Mary’s script, the only one who has a kind word to say is Brittany, who bonded with the eccentric writer on all matter of things, including the “sweetest meat” of a couch. The script turns out to be something like Girls gone wrong, where Rachel eats sheet cake in the bathroom tub and whines even more than usual, Kurt wears a dinosaur costume and Brittany and Blaine agree to be secret sex buddies.

Rachel decides to take matters into her own hands and gives Mary her own ideas for how a show based on her life should look. At the diner, Rachel levels with Mary about the script. Mary insists that she knows better than Rachel does what will work on TV – irony, which is something Rachel’s life is lacking. In order to show Mary her “essence,” Rachel takes the stage at the Spotlight Diner and performs “Glitter in the Air.” The song makes Mary feel happy, something she claims to never have felt before, and inspires her to try against her better judgment to make Rachel’s ideas work.

Sam & Mercedes Split

At his Treasure Trailz shoot, Sam is disappointing Charlie Darling because he’s not giving off the same sexual vibe as before. He claims it's because one of her male assistants keeps looking at him, so she kicks everyone out of the room. Charlie wants Sam to talk to her about what he’s feeling, and he admits that he’s attracted to her, but loves his girlfriend, but is afraid that if he doesn’t give Charlie what she wants he’ll lose the gig. When she kisses him he kisses back. Upon getting back to his place with Mercedes, Sam immediately confesses to cheating on her. When she asks for details, he says Charlie kissed him, he stopped it and then cried while she took pictures of him. Right then and there, a calm Mercedes says he didn’t cheat on her, but that she can’t do this to him. They agree to split up for awhile, even though they love each other, for the good of their long-term relationship.

Blaine & Kurt Make Up

Out on the stoop of their apartment, Blaine and Kurt are having a relationship chat of their own. Kurt decides to forgive Blaine for being dishonest for weeks about the showcase and says he probably would have done the same thing under those circumstances. At the showcase, Blaine and June duet on “No Time at All,” and then Blaine, to June and Kurt’s surprise, invites Kurt on stage to help him sing “American Boy.” Thankfully, the crowd and June love it.

As the episode comes to a close, Rachel is reading Mary’s new script and planning on heading to LA; Sam announces he’ll be going back to Lima now that his half-naked image is on the side of a bus; Mercedes and Brittany are off to their mall tour and Kurt , Blaine and Artie are planning to spend their next year still in NYC. Hitting the city streets together for the last time for a while, the gang – sans Santana – hits the street singing Bastille’s “Pompeii.”

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