In the season finale of Girls, everyone loses something important by the end of the half-hour episode, creating cliffhangers for next season. Marnie (Allison Williams) temporarily moves in with Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet), and the two start to question Jessa's (Jemima Kirke) absence. An M.I.A. Jessa is not too far-fetched for her flighty character, but the reasons behind her disappearance soon make it apparent that Jessa is not prepared for adulthood.

On an unmerited reading break at the coffee shop where Hannah (Lena Dunham) works, she asks her friend Ray (Alex Karpovsky) if she can leave early because she's not feeling well. He scolds her for being a product of her generation by "just thinking" that she has the privilege to read at work, reminding her that both she and he are in the same group of friends. At the same time, Ray receives a text from Jessa inviting him to "the most important party of his life."

The gang shows up all dressed up like it's prom — Ray and Charlie (Christopher Abbott) in suits, Marnie in a J.Lo-at-the-Grammy's, low-cut, silk dress, Hannah disheveled as usual in floral print, and Shoshanna in a stark, white dress which mortifies her as soon as she realizes that the mystery party is her cousin Jessa's wedding.

Jessa appears in a makeshift flower crown and veil and the perfect peasant wedding dress, but her husband-to-be, Thomas Jordan (Chris O'Dowd), is a total wild card — the creep who tried to have a threesome with Jessa and Marnie in a previous episode. Jessa, who previously found Thomas repulsive, appears to have a bizarre change of heart, and the motivation behind their sudden marriage continues to be vague throughout the episode.

On her way home, Hannah falls asleep on the F train, only to wake up at the very last stop in Coney Island with her purse stolen and nothing to show for her day except a piece of mystery wedding cake. —GABRIELA TILEVITZ

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