Hannah is making a change in her life, saying goodbye to Ray's and hello to GQ in Girls' "Free Snacks."

The episode begins with Hannah (Lena Dunham) informing Ray (Alex Karpovsky) that she’s leaving his coffee shop to write for GQ. Well, not exactly GQ. She’s writing for Neiman Marcus for GQ — the special paid advertising section that is supposed to trick readers to think it’s not an actual advertisement.

Ray And Marnie Get To Know Each Other

In the episode's opening scene, Ray making coffee and Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) is lurking. Later, Shoshanna just happens to meander past the court where Ray is playing basketball. Could this be a coincidence? I think not.

Ray wants to further explore his relationship with Marnie (Allison Williams), so Ray retreats to his office to call her to check in on her and see if there’s any chance he can pull off a repeat performance and get laid.

“I enjoyed spending time with you the other day,” Ray says on the phone.

“Yeah, that was definitely unexpected,” Marnie answers.

“I'm calling you to say, let’s not let all of this effect our friendship.”

“But we’re not even friends,” Marnie responds.

Marnie asks Ray if he even cares what TV show she’s watching, and he says no.

"Look, I’m trying to follow the protocols of a gentleman and a squire,” Ray insists.

But after Marnie hangs up, Ray calls her back to tell her that he does care what TV show she’s watching (and, by extension, he cares about her). Well, he’ll have to prove it, Marnie says.

At GQ, Hannah meets Joe (Michael Zegen) and it appears to be the beginning of a promising friendship. Joe introduces Hannah to the snack room at GQ, where she can snag all the drink and food she wants. For free. Gratis. This might just be her happy place. Hannah waltzes into a conference room with her arms stuffed full of food.

“Hi, I’m Hannah. And I feel I may have overdone it on the snacks a little bit,” she says

Upset special: Jessa (Jemima Kirke) has a job! She’s working at a clothing store and Shoshanna is there and she’s talking about – guess who – Ray.

“Anyways, as I was saying, Ray seems to really have the respect of his peers on the court,” she says.

“Oh that’s amazing. It’s really hard for a Jew to gain respect in sports,” Jessa responds.

“He’s a not a Jew though,” Shosh says.

(Love triangle alert: Ray, Marnie and Shoshanna. This will get ugly at some point.)

It's clear that Shoshanna wants Ray back or at least still has feelings for him. She starts talking about Parker, her current boyfriend. "Anyway, Parker’s like a much better choice…He’s just so stupid that I worry that our children like wouldn’t get into preschool.”

Hannah pitches ideas at the GQ Neiman Marcus meeting and annoys one of her co-workers, Kevin. Hannah and Joe talk on the phone and Joe casually mentions that he’s into a co-worker, Karen (Jessica Williams). Ray visits Marnie and brings over some vegan muffins, which, as it turns out, might be an aphrodisiac, because they end up having sex again.

Hannah Struggles With Her New Job

Hannah approaches Kevin (Amir Arison) and asks why he doesn't like her. Kevin just doesn't like Hannah's face and has no qualms telling her. Eventually, Joe and Karen join in the conversation and Hannah tells them that she doesn't plan on working this soul-sucking job for very long because she's a writer. A real writer. A writer-writer.

As it turns out, so are they. Hannah asks how long they've worked in advertorial writing. A few years, they respond. Do they write as often as they once did? Well, no, not quite. But hey, you can always write at night and during the weekends.

Ray and Marnie are hanging out. They think they see Adam and Hannah and so they immediately hide. They're embarrassed to be seen together. It's so cute.

They’re getting Chinese food and start to argue. Marnie says that one of her biggest regrets is that she didn't go abroad to Africa and help out. Ray casually mentions that maybe that was for the best

"I think it's pretty clear by now that western aid has been shown to be the very thing keeping Africa so impoverished and underdeveloped. Maybe it's a good thing. You know, teach a man to fish and all that."

"That's a little bit racist, Ray," Marnie says.

Ray calls Marnie completely dumb. Not technically dumb, but dumb at a core, spiritual level, he says.

“I love Africa,” Ray yells at the end of the argument.

“Could you please sit down,” he asks her.


“Because you have no one else to eat lunch with. And neither do I,” Ray responds. Marnie sits. Ray orders more dumplings. All is well.

We return to GQ where Hannah is crying in her cubicle. Joe calls to check in on her. She needs inspiration. She's a writer-writer. Not just a writer, but a warrior of the written word.

Back to the college-aged lovers, Shoshanna and Parker (Evan Jonigkeit) have left the library and are having sex. Shoshanna is lecturing Parker on communication while he has her bent over a couch.

“We could also like snuggle, sometimes just snuggle,” Shosh says while she’s being penetrated.

“I like snuggling so much,” Parker says between thrusts.

Hannah returns home to find a happy Adam. He booked a call back. He murdered an audition. Hannah wants to write for three hours, but she’s exhausted and passes out on the couch. Adam (Adam Driver) lays a blanket on her.

“Thanks,” she says.

– Matt Castello

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