Gina Carano, the girlfriend of Man of Steel actor Henry Cavill, has put down her MMA gloves to pursue a career in acting. Cavill, in a recent interview with Details magazine, said of his live-in girlfriend, “She’s amazing.”

Carano, born in Dallas, Tex., to her mother Dana Joy and former Dallas Cowboys backup QB Glenn Thomas Carano, grew up in Las Vegas playing sports at Trinity Christian High School. Her athleticism ultimately saw her launch a career in Muay Thai, before getting involved in mixed martial arts (MMA). She made a name for herself with the combination of her admirable results, personality and sex appeal, earning the informal title, “Face of Women’s MMA.”

Due to her charisma in the ring, Steven Soderbergh was inspired to create a film vehicle for her – Haywire, which also starred Channing Tatum, Michael Douglas and Ewan McGreggor. Since then, she’s begun to rack up film roles big and small, as she breaks her way into the acting world. Carano scored a role in Fast & Furious 6, and was thrilled for the opportunity to be in the fast-pasted car heist thriller alongside Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and Michele Rodriguez.

"Yeah, when I got that call I was just in L.A. in an apartment,” she told Crave Online. “To get any job is good but to be part of such a big franchise, I was just like, 'Thank you, thank you,' dancing around my apartment alone.”

Carano is also rumored to be following boyfriend Cavill into the superhero genre, taking on the role of Wonder Woman in an upcoming movie.

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