Gigi Hadid avoided an embarrassing mishap on the catwalk of a New York Fashion Week show, after she lost one of her platform heels.


One of the model’s shoes somehow got lost in a backstage shuffle before the second half of the Anna Sui fashion show she was walking in. The 22-year-old managed to carry herself through the rest of the show with grace, as she strutted the runway with only one shoe, walking on her tippy-toes on the other foot to stay level. Luckily at the end, her sister Bella Hadid was there to hold her up.

Bella closed out the runway show, and let her sister put her arm around her for support. “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” was playing as the models walked backstage after the show, but they may as well have chosen “With a Little Help from My Friends.” Just a year prior, Bella had her own runway woes, when she face-planted while walking in the 2016 Calvin Klein show.

Gigi left a video message for the designer after the fact thanking her for having her in the show; however, she did not mention the shoe mishap. “Hi Anna, it’s Gigi, I just wanted to thank you so much for having me in your show. You’re like family to me, I appreciate your support from the beginning so much, and I always love being a part of your show. Mwah!” the model said.

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