Jeff Corwin, star of multiple animal shows on television, introduced the world to what may be the largest freshwater fish ever seen – a 14-foot long stingray.

Jeff Corwin Catches 14-Foot Long Stingray

Corwin is currently in Thailand filming his ABC show, Ocean Mysteries, and met up with Thai veterinarian Nantarika Chansue to explore stingrays in the Mae Klong River. Together, they discovered this 140foot long stingray, caught in the river in the Amphawa District sometime around March 6. “It was an incredible moment of adventure and science. Multiple people were on the rod and reel trying to pull this monster in,” Corwin told USA Today Network.

The giant stingray, which could be the largest freshwater fish ever documented, is not only long, it is also 7.9 feet across and weighs an estimated 600 to 800 pounds. Corwin shared a video announcing the remarkable find on Facebook and also announced that the stingray is pregnant.

On March 11, Corwin took to Facebook again to declare that the giant stingray could very well be “a world record for the largest freshwater fish ever captured.” Corwin also assured the public that the stingray was not harmed during capture, and has been released safely back into the wild.

The stingray will be featured on an upcoming episode of Ocean Mysteries.

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