One of the most beloved annual traditions at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is the National Dog Show. This year, the show began at noon and was won by Gia, a graceful greyhound.

Gia won Best in Show out of six other finalists including Ty, a giant schnauzer; Slick, a border collie; Timmy, an English springer spaniel; Chuck, a Pekingese; Rondo, a West Highland white terrier; and Clue, a Tibetan terrier.

The show was presented by the Kennel Club of Philadelphia. The seven finalists were chosen among 2,000 dogs of more than 200 breeds and varieties.

This is Gia’s 44th Best in Show title in just under two years. While winning isn’t new to Gia, this title was especially important to her handler Rindi Gaudet, who was hoping to win Best in Show for her grandmother watching the competition from a hospital bed.

Last year’s top prize was given to a Skye terrier named Good Time Cha.

You can watch the Best in Show canines of the 2016 National Dog Show here:


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