How To Get Away With Murder picked up back at the Keating household/office just after Annalise (Viola Davis) told Sam (Tom Verica) that she advised the DA to collect DNA from all the men in Lila’s life – including her teachers. She tells Sam she now knows that he’d been lying about knowing Lila was pregnant before her death. In typical Sam fashion, he replies, “I only lied because I was afraid you’d think I killed her!”

How To Get Away With Murder Recap

Annalise has been tapped of all her trusting resources trying to believe and save her husband from suspicion. She’s packing her bag and leaving him and going to let justice take its course. Before she leaves, she tells Sam about her affair with Nate (Billy Brown) and how much better he is at pleasing her in bed (which she experiences once again before the night is over). In a rage, Sam growls that he would think of Lila every time they had sex and then proceeds to start choking Annalise out. He stops short of killing her to spit out that she – his wife – is a “piece of ass” and a “disgusting slut” and then grabs a drink, leaving her shaken.

After Annalise leaves, Sam remains at the house with a liquor bottle. Michaela (Aja Naomi King), straight from picking up the trophy from Asher’s (Matt McGorry), arrives at the house. She insists that she stay there to hand the trophy to Annalise because it’s the only way she can get out of the exam. Then, to both Sam and Michaela’s surprise, Rebecca (Katie Findlay) arrives. Rebecca tells Michaela to call Wes (Alfred Enoch) and then darts up the stairs with Sam at her heels. Thankfully, Wes is already on his way with Connor (Jack Falahee) and Laurel (Karla Souza).

Sam pounds on the door of his bedroom, as Rebecca starts downloading files onto a USB while Michaela gives Wes the terrifying play-by-play. When Wes and the others arrive, they get Sam to agree to let Rebecca get out unscathed and they’ll all leave. He agrees – but when Rebecca opens up the door, he tackles her in an attempt to grab the USB. A brawl between the Keating 5 – minus one and plus Rebecca – against Sam ensues with Connor getting a crack to the face. Laurel starts to get away with the USB when Sam starts rushing towards her. Trying to protect Laurel, Michaela pushes Sam, accidentally causing him to flip over the bannister and land with a thud on the floor below.

When the group collects downstairs, they weigh whether or not they should go to the cops. Connor is all for taking it to the authorities, claiming he didn’t do anything, but the others agree that since they all basically broke into the house, they’re all to blame. Just as they’re deciding this, Sam proves he’s not as dead as they thought, straddling Rebecca and choking the life out of her. Then there’s a bang and a spattering of blood. Wes finishes Sam off with the trophy.

Now that Sam is definitively dead, Michaela starts to have a panic attack, Connor pukes in the kitchen sink, Wes takes Laurel to a shower to wash Sam’s blood off her and Laurel tries to plan her next move. After they wait out Asher’s door pounding, Wes says he’s taking Rebecca to a hotel and that the others should head to the woods where he’ll meet them.

As promised, Wes comes to the woods with the murder weapon in hand. He then rigs a coin toss to force them to go back to the house to collect Sam’s body. Once they get it out to the woods, they decide to burn it to destroy any and all DNA. After getting an alibi by taking pictures at the bonfire and uploading them to social media, the next step is hacking up Sam’s body and putting it in garbage bags. Wes and Michaela want to bring the bags to an incinerator, but Laurel and Connor insist they dumb the bags in a nearby dumpster.

After all that’s done, the four law students go their separate ways. Wes goes back to the hotel with Rebecca and destroys the USB, saying it proves they were at the house. Laurel heads to Frank’s, telling him she stole the trophy and needs him to find a way to get it back to Annalise without anyone knowing she took it. Connor, a sobbing shaking mess, goes to Oliver’s (Conrad Ricamora) where he takes a shower. When Oliver asks him what’s going on the next day, Connor fakes a drug addiction. Michaela goes home to her designer wedding dress and decides to sign that prenup after all. Meanwhile, the blissfully ignorant Asher is sleeping with Bonnie (Liza Weil)

The next morning, they’re all called to Annalise’s home. The four of them are nervous that Annalise has found them out. She tells them the cops are coming to ask them about Sam because he’d had an affair with Lila before her death. She says they think he disappeared after their fight in which she hinted that the police would soon be closing in on him. Annalise encourages her students to tell the truth about what they know about Sam, looking intently at Wes. Then there’s a flashback.

After dropping Rebecca at the hotel, Wes had gone back to the Keating home to collect the murder weapon. Just as he’s bending down to pick up the trophy, he peers up to see Annalise sitting at her desk. “I’m so sorry,” he says. “Don’t be,” replies Annalise.

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