How to Get Away with Murder’s first scene cut from Lila’s corpse on the autopsy table to Lila (Megan West) alive and well stretched out on a blanket snorting coke on a rooftop with Rebecca (Katie Findlay), telling her about the beginning stages of her relationship with Mr. Darcy – Sam Keating (Tom Verica).

‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Recap

Cut back to last episodes’ final scene: Bonnie (Liza Weil) tells Annalise (Viola Davis) that Lila was 6 weeks pregnant when she was killed. While Annalise confronts Sam, she makes Bonnie stay in the room to be a witness to the conversation. Standing over her husband, Annalise asks him if he knew about Lila’s pregnancy. He denies knowing about it and tries to deflect the blame onto Griffin (Lenny Platt). A skeptical Annalise exits the room and hisses at him, “Shoulda worn a condom.”

The case of the week features Gretchen Thomas (Stacy Edwards), a successful wife and mother, who is caught on her home security camera cleaning up the murder of her family’s nanny, Elka. Gretchen apparently sleep walks, especially when she takes her sleeping pills with a glass of wine, and never wanted to hurt Elke. “Can you imagine waking up to realize you killed somebody you loved?” Gretchen, who doesn’t want to take the stand, asks Annalise.

Rebecca Builds Case Against Sam

While the Keating 5 start breaking down the case back at the office, Connor (Jack Falahee) tries to organize a study group for their exams. Annalise calls Wes (Alfred Enoch) away to tell him that Lila was pregnant, but urges him not to tell Rebecca – undoubtedly banking on him telling her for her own advantage. Predictably, Wes goes straight to Rebecca to tell her about Lila’s pregnancy. Outside the apartment, Rebecca meets with Nate (Billy Brown), who wants to help her nab Sam. She tells him Lila was pregnant and he suggests she snatch some DNA from the Keating house.

Back in July, Lila and Rebecca reunited to catch up on the rooftop. Over beers, Lila reveals that she lost her virginity to Sam and it was better than any first-time story she’d heard. “Now I know why you thought it would hurt,” quips Rebecca after looking at home of Mr. Darcy’s naked selfies.

When Rebeccca gets to the Keating house in the present, Sam answers the door. She claims she’s looking for gloves, but he’s wary of her. After she asks to use the bathroom, he asks her to leave, saying she’s only welcome when Annalise is present. Rebecca has no choice but to leave without any DNA.

The Gretchen Thomas Case

At the Thomas residence, all of the law students begin questioning the family: Connor questions the son. Michaela questions Gretchen’s mother. Wes questions the husband. Laurel questions the young daughter. The following day, up on the stand, the son, Cody, reveals that he had a sexual relationship with Elke and that he loved her. Since Connor didn’t get that information out of him during their interview, Annalise is livid. When Connor next questions him, Cody reveals that he’d recently gotten a relatively rare STD from Elke and that he’d gone to his father for help.

When Connor tells Michaela about the STD, she recognizes it from her pre-med days and knows the medication prescribed to treat it. She brings the new information to Annalise. At court the next day, with Mr. Thomas on the stand, Annalise asks him about his son’s STD and how he got him the medication he needed – and about how 3 months earlier he’d needed the medication himself. As it turns out, he too had an affair with Elke and completely lost it once he found out he wasn’t her only lover. After killing Ekle, he used his wife’s known sleep troubles against her to make it look like she’d killed the nanny. Annalise wins the case for her client, but paves the way for Gretchen’s husband going to jail, but tries to convince her it’s for the best.

While studying at the Keatings, Connor reveals he has a copy of an old exam test. Laurel makes a hasty exit when Frank calls her, and ends up having sex with him in the backseat of his car. Inside, Asher tries to comfort Bonnie, who got reamed out for Connor’s mistake earlier, and invites her to his pre-bonfire party. When Sam gets in, he tells Annalise that Rebecca came by and worries that she knows about Lila being pregnant.

Michaela, arriving at Annalise’s to get her reward for helping her win the case, gets a rude realization when her soon-to-be mother-in-law greets her. Aidan’s mother is insistent that she sign the prenuptial agreement, orating the family history of growing a multi-national corporation. Michaela says she’s marrying Aidan because she loves him, not because of his money, but the mother doesn’t care. Michaela either signs or she can kiss her wedding plans goodbye. When she calls Michaela trash, the young law student raises her hand to slap Aidan’s mother but is easily deflected.

Back August 2014, Lila and Rebecca met once again on the roof by the water tower in which she later dies. Lila confesses that Sam wants to end it, crying about how the married men never leave their wives. Though she doesn’t admit to Lila that she’s pregnant, she goes on about the consequences of sex and how she wants to show up at the Keating house and expose the affair to the wife. Rebecca encourages her not to do that.

Bonnie Gets Fired

In the present Rebecca tells Nate that she couldn’t get the DNA, but suggests they go after the data on his phone since she knows that Sam and Rebecca texted all the time. Sam, in addition to having to worry about Rebecca, has to worry about Bonnie and what she knows. Bonnie confronts him outside the house and tells him that she met Lila the night that she died. And, from that conversation, deduces that Sam did know that Lila was pregnant. Sam asks Bonnie not to tell Annalise and then tries to buy her silence with a kiss. Bonnie tearfully tells Annalise everything that she knows and what happened and that Sam is a bad man. In response, Annalise fires her and tells her to get out.

The events of the night of the bonfire eventually see all of the students reuniting for a study group at Wes’s. When Connor gets there, Wes tells him that Rebecca, who has a gadget from Nate that’ll pull the data from Sam’s phone, likely went to the Keatings. Michaela shows up after stealing the trophy from Asher’s house. Laurel arrives after she’s caught rolling around on the floor of Frank’s apartment with him by his girlfriend. Meanwhile, Sam comes home to find Annalise on the front steps. She tells him she advised the DA to collect DNA from all the men in Lila’s life – including her teachers.


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