Police in the southern German region of Bavaria just wrapped up the hilariously-named “Operation Snow Melt,” during which they incinerated 1.65 tons of cocaine reportedly worth 270 million euros ($304 million).

While you may mostly associate Germany with binge drinking beer thanks to Oktoberfest, German police have been seizing huge amounts of cocaine in the country over the years. One bust in Bavaria saw supermarket employees finding a total of 440 pounds of drugs hidden in banana crates among 10 different stores.

Perhaps the Bavarian police are trying to set an example in response to a smuggling operation in Berlin that was revealed. Berlin police stated that one suspect was a member of the Berlin police force itself and that the other two used positions in a district office to assist in a drug-smuggling operation from South American to Germany.

The police announced that the cocaine was destroyed at a secret location in a waste incineration plant in Upper Bavaria. They stated the drugs were “narcotics of the highest purity,” and “It is the largest drug destruction operation in the history of the Bavarian police.”

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