Gerard Butler crashed a Bachelorette party in Sydney, Australia, and guest Dragana Ogorelica shared a picture of the actor with the bride-to-be on Twitter.

The photo was posted on Saturday, March 15, and quickly caught the attention of journalists who have since picked up the story. Ogorelica told Daily Mail that the girls arrived at the Sydney Harbour to board their rented boat when the manager of the boat company told them he had a surprise waiting on board.

“We thought it was a stripper, because it was a hen’s party. But then we saw [Gerard] standing on the boat. We all just started screaming. His accent, oh my goodness, it was so beautiful. You couldn’t understand him half the time, but you didn’t care because it was just gorgeous,” gushed Ogorelica.

According to Ogorelica, Butler surprised the girls on the boat they had rented for the party and asked to join the festivities, saying, “Is this a hen’s party? Can I join? We’re going to dance a little bit, drink a little bit.”

Butler reportedly insisted on staying with the ladies, even instructing his management team they could leave. The bride-to-be, Maja Nogic, is a big fan of Butler’s, as were all her friends, and the actor graciously posed for pictures with Nogic and the entire group.

Butler is in Sydney preparing to film Gods of Egypt with co-stars Geoffrey Rush and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.

Olivia Truffaut-Wong

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