Former President George W. Bush has written a biography of his father, former President George H. W. Bush, that is to be released this fall.

George W. Bush Writes Biography On Father

Bush, the United States’ 43rd president, announced the book in a statement released by Crown, which read, “George H.W. Bush is a great servant, statesman, and father. I loved writing the story of his life, and I hope others enjoy reading it."

The biography, which is untitled as of yet, will chart George W. Bush’s "childhood in West Texas to his early campaign trips with his father, and from his decision to go into politics to his own two-term presidency."

The biography is notable for many reasons, especially considering that 41 and 43 are only the second father and son to both serve as United States presidents.

"As the only father and son to each have served as President of the United States since John and John Quincy Adams, George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush occupy a unique position in history," said Crown publisher Maya Mavjee. "George W. Bush brings to vivid life his unique perspective of the personal qualities and principles that have animated George H. W. Bush's extraordinary life of service to country and family."

Though Bush had help with the research portion of compiling the book, as well as with editing, he wrote the 300-page biography on his own. Considering Bush’s recent and highly-publicized interest in painting, Texas Republican Party Steve Munisteri noted to Politico, “If his book is any good, people might look at him as a renaissance man."

In addition to George W.’s forthcoming portrait of his father, another biography about 43 written by lauded biographer Jon Meacham is expected to hit bookshelves in fall 2015.

George W.’s biography of his father will be released Nov. 11.

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