George W. Bush gave a moving eulogy at his father’s funeral on Wednesday He recalled his inaugural address and called George H.W. Bush “the best father a son or daughter could have” before breaking into tears.

The elder Bush’s final words were in a conversation with his son. George W. told his dad that he was a “wonderful” father and that he loved him. George H.W. Bush said, “I love you too.” After eulogies from Jon Meacham, presidential historian and author, former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, and former Sen. Alan Simpson, Bush came to speak.

Though they were the second pair of father and son to be president, they were the first to have one eulogize the other. When John Adams died in 1826, his son and fellow President John Quincy Adams didn’t know of his death until his father was buried.

The younger Bush, in his eulogy, recalled how his father had had vodka and steak snuck into a hospital room for him as well as how he had gone skydiving at the age of 90. W. joked that he had chosen to land on the grounds of St. Ann’s by the Sea, where his mom was married and where he worshiped often, “just in case the chute didn’t open.”


At the end of the eulogy, Bush reminisced on the type of legacy his dad left behind and all that he had taught him. Then, he started to tear up.

Following the eulogy, the national anthem played and the services continued on. Bush was the only one of the five living presidents in attendance to perform a eulogy.

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