“Fantasy,” a remix of a 1980s outtake, was just released as a new single by the late George Michael.


The song premiered on Radio 2 on Thursday. Nile Rogers produced the track, and says he feels a bit strange about working on the single. “You SHOULD have mixed feelings,” he defended himself on Twitter. “No ones heart was dragged through emotional ambiguity more than mine.” Rogers says he approached the project with “tears, uncertain, happiness & #LOVE.”

“This process was extremely emotional for me,” he continued in another tweet. “We were such massive fans of each other’s work. #Chrismas2016 was very sad.”

“Fantasy” was previously released as a b-side in 1990, and then as a bonus track on 2011 deluxe version of Michael’s Faith album. The ’80s version, however, has been completely renovated to make it less tinny, and it features Rodgers’ guitar rhythms and Michael’s harmonies. Some of the vocals are different from the original as well.

“Fantasy was originally meant to be on Listen Without Prejudice and was intended to be one of the singles from the album, but somehow it got lost in the ether,” Michael’s manager David Austin told the BBC. “George phoned up Nile Rodgers, his good pal, in early 2016 because the two of them have always spoken the same musical language, and Nile has reworked the record.” Michael had been working on a reissue of Listen Without Prejudice and decided that “Fantasy” could be it’s own hit.

Listen below.