Andros Georgiou, cousin of the late George Michael, is speaking out about Michael’s death and about the feud between the family and Michael’s boyfriend Fadi Fawaz.


Michael’s autopsy concluded the cause of death was inconclusive but not suspicious. However, Georgiou is convinced something fishy was going on with Fawaz.

In a now-deleted tweet, Fawaz wrote, “We loved each other very much and we were together almost 24 hours a day..And finally he managed… he tried numbers of time to kill himself many times… the only thing George wanted is to DIE.” Following this, another now-deleted tweet read, “Not sure who that nasty close friend of George but I was in relationship with george micheal (sic) till I found him dead in bed.”

Fawaz claims his account was hacked, but Georgiou needs more information. He took to Facebook to air a few things:

“I have been trying to hold back on this tweet I saw nearly 10 days ago but the more I am reading and the more I am finding out about Fadi I just can’t keep my mouth shut any longer,” he began his post, which was penned Sunday. [Fadi] was never with Yog [a family nickname for George] 24 hours a day they never lived together he lived in one of Yogs houses in Regents Park. And even if they were, WHY were they not together on Christmas Eve? and WHY did he sleep in the car? Too many questions have come up. Every day I get more angry at the lies I am reading. I pray that this nobody doesn’t earn a penny from Yog’s death—any money he is offered for his so-called story should go straight to one of Yog’s charities which now you all know how many. He never took any credit—he was in every word the peoples’ hero apart, from being the one of biggest talents this country has ever produced. A true gentleman that lost his way. If only there were not so many YES people around him, he would be alive today.”

Georgiou is convinced Michael’s death was not an act of suicide, and that if he had been present, Michael would still be alive today. “I have to pray that the police come to the conclusion I have and justice will be served,” he said.

Michael was found by Fawaz dead in his bed on Christmas morning. “ITs a xmas i will never forget finding your partner dead peacefully in bed first thing in the morning..” Fawaz tweeted. “I will never stop missing you xx.”

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