George Clooney and singer Rihanna were special guests on Ellen DeGeneres’ daytime show for a special “innocent” game of “Never Have I Ever” with the two celebrities.

In the game, Clooney and Rihanna were each given a paddle board that said either “I Have” or “I Have Never” and answered questions fired off by Ellen.

The first question was, “Never have I ever texted a nude selfie,” which Rihanna laughed at as she showed the “I Have” side of her board. Rihanna was in the news a few years ago after doing that exact thing. Clooney kept his board at “I Have Never.” Rihanna debunked Clooney’s answer with a “Yeah right, George.”

Both Rihanna and Clooney admitted they had been drunk before noon while Ellen said she never had. Clooney said she had to “drink harder.”

The game ended with Ellen asking if either had ever sent a dirty text to the wrong person. Clooney offered a quick “I Have Never” while Rihanna spun her board around before eventually landing on “I Have.”




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