George H.W. Bush Sr. was unexpectedly welcomed by a flashmob of students when he visited The Bush School at Texas A&M on Mar. 1.

Bush, seated in a motorized scooter, was first given a round of applause by the students and faculty in attendance. And it was still business as usual when he and his wife, Barbara, posed for a picture. But right after the snapshot, this normal visit became something quite out of the ordinary. Brooks & Dunn’s “Boot Scootin’ Boogie” began playing over the speakers, and then a student screemed "yee-haw!" and started dancing. Another person joined in, and before long a crowd of people was dancing for the former POTUS.

The idea came from Casi Buch, who is a student in the Bush School.

"President Bush visits the school at least four times a year," Buch told CBS News. "He'd never seen a flash mob before, so his administration thought it would be a unique way to honor the president."

All of the students involved rehearsed together three times, and met with a country music artist who helped them change the lyrics of the song to say “Bushwhacker Boogie.”

It was a creative gesture, but where does this rank among the all-time great flashmobs?—Hal Sundt

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