Gary Sinise will be back on TV in a CBS procedural, toplining the network’s latest Criminal Minds spinoff.

Gary Sinise’s New Criminal Minds Spinoff

Sinise, who previously starred on CSI: NY, will be the lead in a new spinoff, which will focus in on another FBI division that tackles cases involving U.S. citizens who get into sticky situations outside the country, reported Deadline. Sinise’s character Jack Garrett is a 20-year veteran of the agency who oversees a number of other agents in his division.

The latest Criminal Minds spinoff – Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior – didn’t do so well and was quickly canceled. CBS’s Nina Tassler believes that they’ve learned a lot from the project and can steer clear of the same mistakes in the Sinise-led spinoff.

“First lesson is do it better,” Tassler said. “Erica Messer has been part of Criminal Minds since Day 1. Having her, one of the best showrunners in the business, behind it, that’s the key difference between this spinoff and the first one.”

Sinise has been off the small screen since CSI: NY went off the air in 2013. Since then, he’s been throwing himself full time into the Gary Sinise Foundation.  CBS, eager to have the Forest Gump actor back on the network, had been pitching him potential projects until he chose the Criminal Minds spinoff.


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