Four and a half months after his death and several legal disputes later, Gary Coleman's death has been ruled an accident. The former child star died after a fall induced a brain hemorrhage and his ex-wife, Shannon Price made the decision to have his life support removed.

The results of the autopsy matched the evidence that police found at Coleman's home after the accident, which supported the claim that the actor died of natural causes, according to the Salt Lake Tribune. At the time, Coleman was in very poor health, with chronic renal failure and coronary arterial atherosclerosis. Price is heard on the 911 call explaining to police on the scene that her aversion to blood prevented her from offering Coleman direct aid.

Though the two divorced in 2008, Price and her lawyers are arguing that they still had what amounted to a common law marriage, as they lived together, filed their taxes together and held joint bank accounts. Price also maintained medical authority over Coleman. Price is currently locked in a battle over Coleman's estate with his ex-girlfriend Anna Gray, who claims that she is his sole heir. –AMY LEE

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