While the country star Garth Brooks was performing his hits at the Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on Saturday, a seismograph at nearby LSU apparently registered a small earthquake in the area from the noise.

It apparently went off when he played local-favorite track “Callin Baton Rouge,” and while it’s incredible to imagine a country crooner creating earthquakes off his vocal chops alone, the reality is the seismograph registered the noise from the explosive fan reaction as they stomped their feet, applauded and cheered for Brooks. The song is a tailgate anthem for LSU and is played frequently at bars around the city.

A clip recorded by reporter Lester Duhé showed how packed the stadium was and most concertgoers were hitting the lyrics of “Callin Baton Rouge” word for word.

Speaking of tailgating, the last time LSU’s seismograph detected a tremor from cheering was in 1988, when LSU narrowly defeated Auburn University in a football game with only two minutes to go. LSU itself even confirmed the reading online.

Brooks predicted that this song would get a huge reaction when speaking to WAFB before his show. “This is going to be loud. This is going to be stupid, and it’s going to go all night long,” Brooks said humorously. After performing “Callin’ Baton Rouge,” Brooks said. “Thanks for letting us be a small piece of thread in the family and the fabric of the LSU Tigers.”

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