Game of Thrones fans were excited to learn earlier this week that Michelle Fairley would be rejoining the show for the upcoming season – but the spoiler turned out to be false.

Game of Thrones Spoiler Hoax

On Monday, a Reddit user brought it to Game of Thrones‘ fans’ attention that Fairley’s IMDB indicated that she’d be returning to the hit HBO show in the tenth episode of its upcoming fifth season. Furthermore, she wouldn’t be returning to the Seven Kingdoms as Catelyn Stark, but as the “Hooded Woman.”



Those who’ve read George R.R. Martin‘s epic fantasy novels were quick to assume that “Hooded Woman” was serving as a euphemism for Lady Stoneheart – the moniker Catelyn Stark assumes upon returning from the dead. In the books, Lady Stoneheart is out for vengeance. Leading the Brotherhood Without Banners, she orders numerous hangings of Lannisters, Freys and Boltons. Even her once-trusted knight Brienne isn’t safe from her wrath.

Unfortunately, the excitement surrounding the appearance of Lady Stoneheart was all for naught, as Fairley’s rep has stated that, as of yet, the actress is not slated to return to Game of Thrones. “There hasn’t been any discussion about her returning to the show after Season 3,” the rep told HuffPost Entertainment. “As of now, this is completely incorrect.”

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