It’s Friday, which means fans of Game of Thrones are only two days away from getting their Sunday treat. But for those who are impatient, luckily there is a preview of this week’s episode to keep you tide over.

In this week’s preview, we see several story lines begin to develop a little further.

To begin with Daenerys Targaryen has grown tired of her failed military action. “Enough with the clever plans,” she barks, most likely at Tyrion Lannister, who has had several of his clever plans fail over the course of the first three episodes of the seventh season.

Most likely having heard that Lady Olenna has been murdered, she also notes that she has lost all of her allies. Ellaria Sand, Yara Geryjoy, and Lady Olenna, three women who were there for Daenerys upon her return to Westeros have all been captured or killed.


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Of course, the capture/killer of Daenerys’ allies is Cersei, who is in a bit of trouble herself.

Having learned that she is in considerable debt with some bankers at Bravos, she has attempted to convince the banker of her family’s best trait – “A Lannister always pays their debts.”

It would seem from the preview that the banker is convinced. “My only venture at this moment is reestablishing control over this content and every person on it,” Cersei tells the banker.

Despite the costly nature of the venture, the banker says, “You can count on the Iron Bank as soon as the gold arrives.” Then the preview cuts to an image of Jaime Lannister finding a pile of gold – looks like the Lannister’s are good to go.

Of course, if Daenerys was somehow able to steal the gold, it would be a major loss for Cersei who would then be unable to fund her war. But the preview gives no indication that this is where the story is headed.

Beyond those two major story lines, the preview also shows quick cuts of Brienne of Tarth wielding her sword – something the warrior has yet to do this season – Theon Greyjoy getting back to shore on what appears to be Dragonstone, and Sansa Stark looking powerful behind a desk and a book ready to make a tough decision.

It all looks like the makings of an eventful episode.

Catch Game of Thrones on Sunday night at 9 p.m. EST on HBO.

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