HBO’s flagship fantasy series Game of Thrones is gearing up for its seventh season, much to the excitement of fans. And, as it turns out, they will have even more content to enjoy, as the episodes will on average be longer than those of prior seasons.


Watchers on the Wall discovered the running times for the upcoming episodes and compiled a list of all seven, highlighting their duration. For reference, the average length for an episode is roughly 55 minutes.

The first, second and fifth episodes of the seventh season will span 59 minutes. The third episode is slated for 63 minutes, whereas the fourth will be the shortest episode of the season at 50 minutes.

The last two episodes of the season, however, are the true record-breaking ones; the penultimate episode is 71 minutes, whilst the finale will consist of 81 minutes of uninterrupted action ending in “a huge cliffhanger.” Conversely, the sixth season’s finale was 68 minutes – a full 13 minute difference.

Iain Glen, who portrays Ser Jorah Mormont on the show, had previously referenced how the staff was taking these episodes seriously during the filming process. The team wanted to supply a level of quality the program demands.

July 16 will mark the beginning of Game of Thrones‘ latest season. Furthermore, four spin-off programs are currently in deliberation, implying the series’ rich lore will continue to entertain audiences.

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