One of the female stars on HBO’s Game of Thrones is refusing to film any more nude scenes, according to Oona Chaplin, who plays Talisa Maegyr on the show. The unnamed actress, according to Chaplin, finds the frequent full-frontal nudity gratuitous.

“One of the girls in the show who got her kit off the most in the first couple of seasons now doesn’t at all,” Chaplin told the UK’s Telegraph. “Because she said, 'I want to be known for my acting not for my breasts.’ ”

There’s speculation that the actress Chaplin is referencing is Emilia Clarke, who plays Daenerys Targaryen, the exiled princess and Dragon Queen who is determined to find her way back to the “Iron Throne.” Clarke is one of the actresses who strips down the most on the medieval fantasy series. Although not as frequently in the current season, she was shot fully nude for Sunday’s episode.

The unnamed Game of Thrones actress could also be Esme Bianco, who played the prostitute Ros. Playing a prostitute, Bianco was frequently pictured naked, but her character was killed off earlier this season. A result of a refusal to do more nude scenes?

Chaplin personally has no qualms about getting naked on screen, or about anyone else baring it all for that matter. “I’m quite controversial when it comes to that because I adore women’s bodies,” she said. “If it’s done in a beautiful way, in a way that honors the female form, then I’m always happy to see it.”

Games of Thrones airs Sundays on HBO at 9/8c.

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