Actress Galyn Görg, who was best known for her roles in Robocop 2 and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, died on Tuesday after a battle with cancer. She was 55.

“Our beautiful Galyn has crossed over,” a family spokesperson said in a statement to Today. “She quietly and privately fought a good fight but unfortunately passed away one day before her birthday in Hawaii to cancer.

“Galyn had been very private about her battle with cancer the last nine months, but remained positive and continued to enjoy life in Hawaii. She loved the ocean and was a dancer as well as a talented actress.”

The actress’ sister also posted to Facebook, confirming her death.

“Soar high with the birds and dance with the angels beautiful shining starlight. Your beauty, grace, love and light will radiate with us forever. You have been a glorious miracle of greatness. I love you forever. 11:32am…..she has moved on,” wrote Tagi Gorg.

Görg first starred as the villian Angie in Robocop 2, before moving on to appear in shows like Twin Peaks, Star Trek, CSI: Miami and Parks and Recreation. She famously appeared as Helena, a boxer who knocks out Will Smith in an episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

The actress’ family created a now-closed GoFundMe page to help cover funeral costs for what they say was a surprising death. “We were unaware of just how sick she was as the diagnosis was a shock to the entire family,” the description on the donation page said.