Samsung debuted its latest tech offering on Wednesday – a smartwatch named the Galaxy Gear that will be compatible with the company’s smartphones and carry a number of apps.

The Galaxy Gear puts Samsung on the map as far as innovation is concerned, as the company has long been criticized for being simply a successful follower of its biggest competitor – Apple. Last year, "following" didn’t look like a terribly bad thing for Samsung, which exceeded Apple as a producer of smartphones. With the Galaxy Gear, they’ve beaten Apple to the finish to release a smartwatch.

Samsung’s smartwatch has a 1.6-inch screen and weights 2.6 ounces, reported the Wall Street Journal. Not only will it enable its users to have hands-free calls, it also comes with a camera that’s embedded into the watch’s strap. In addition to taking pictures, the camera allows 10-second video recordings.

At the launch event in Berlin, head of Samsung’s mobile communications business J.K. Shin stated his belief in the power of the Galaxy Gear on the global market. “Galaxy Gear isn't just a cool device that complements the Note 3 [smartphone] — I believe it will become a new fashion icon around the world," Shin said. Shin is confident that, like the smartphone, the smartwatch eventually won't be perceived as a luxury item, but as a necessary device for the mainstream.

Samsung’s Galaxy Gear will go on sale Sept. 25 for $299. There’s speculation that Apple could have an iWatch in development to compete with Samsung’s smartwatch in the near future.

– Chelsea Regan

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