Present and past Wonder Women Gal Godot and Lynda Carter walked the red carpet together at the Wonder Woman film premiere Thursday night.


Wonder Women is the latest in the DC comics world that has made it to Hollywood. Godot rocked a stunning glittery red dress to match the red carpet she and Carter walked on. Carter wore a smart black suit and white shirt with heels.

“The reason she existed in the first place was that, when she came on the scene, there was nothing for girls to look up to. We’re still fighting the same fight. We still need more female role models,” Carter said in an interview last year. “But Wonder Woman is much more than a cartoon character. She’s fighting for truth and justice and the secret self that exists in all women and girls. There’s a moral fiber and a goodness about her that all women have.”

Not only is Wonder Woman about a strong, female protagonist, but the film was also directed by a woman, Patty Jenkins. “People really thought that only men loved action movies and only men would go see a superhero movie,” Jenkins has said, excited about the positive reaction and testing her film has received so far.

Wonder Woman his theaters June 2. See the final trailer below.

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